Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm Seeing Results

I just hit a milestone I have officially lost 36lbs since starting my #dashjourney. So in celebration of hitting this huge milestone I've decided no other way to celebrate than share a before and current picture. More importantly than seeing physical results I'm witnessing that my body is excited to shed all the lies I put into and onto my body. In one of our Dash discussions he mentioned that every extra pound is a lie and mentally, physically, and emotionally I truly believe that. Every person has the potential and yearning to be healthy and fit. Healthy and fit isn't a certain number it's all about how you feel and are you able to achieve all you want to where you are at right now? For me personally on my journey I know this isn't the end so I'll continue to blog and continue to share my journey as I go. I'm enjoying the journey! Thank you Dash for all your inspiration, insight, and for choosing me to be one of your all stars! You've helped me achieve a lifestyle I didn't think was possible I'm beyond excited to continue on and see what I'm capable of next!
(October 2014-Keep in mind I had trained 2 months prior to running this race and didn't lose any fact I gained 3lbs while training...I felt triumphant that I accomplished a goal but defeated that I couldn't get rid of a single pound)
(December 2014-My breaking point seeing this picture made me realize I was in need and ready for a change!)
(TODAY! April 16, 2015-36 lbs shredded! Looking forward to my next salad...well sort of. haha)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Speak Life

Commitment. A word that in today's society seems to be so empty, society places the 'fear of commitment', and 'always have a plan B'. Have you ever been committed to something? Last night with the Discussions with Dash we dove into this subject. When asked about Commitment the first thing that entered into my mind was my marriage. I made a commitment 7 years ago that I would be married to my husband for all time and eternity. To me that is a HUGE commitment that no matter how many ups and downs or how big or small our trials can be in our marriage we committed our life and the next life to one another, there is no plan B. In order to be truly happy we must make a commitment to ourselves. In past 'diets' I was never committed to a diet for ME, I was committed to a diet for a sexier body one that resembled those of #Hollywood icons because to society that is what is #beautiful. What makes someone more beautiful than a pretty face? Their SOUL! Have you ever walked into a room or a group of people and could feel a negative feeling, one that is so powerful and uncomfortable you find yourself slowly backing away? On the flip side have you ever seen someone or walked into a room where those individuals radiated nothing but sunshine, the kind of sunshine that warms your body, mind, and soul? The kind of glow that draws you in closer as if you're experiencing an out of body gravitational pull towards that individual so that you could feel just a sliver of that persons warmth. #SOUL. That is what it is! Have you ever been committed to feeding and nurturing your SOUL? Looking back on my journey I can see now that my soul was yearning for happiness, health, and light. People ask how can I be so committed to this 'diet' how do I have the will power to stick to such a rigid eating plan. My answer is simple my soul wants this. I'm feeding my body food that allows my body to get rid of the impurities and lies that I put into it for so many years. I'm nourishing my mind with Love and acceptance for who I am NOW, and in turn weight loss is only a side effect. I'm finally happy with ME. I'm finally COMMITTED to ME!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Love Yourself from the Inside Out

This past week was a hard one for me I was bored and tired of the food. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that this food was making me feel better and healthier. Everyone around me has been sick and yet I haven't gotten sick once. My body is loving the healthier choices and eating REAL food...but my mind is telling me I'm bored. In the Discussions with Dash he touched on how the Mind is a terrible thing for the waist. There was so much information about the science behind food and what it does to our bodies. But more importantly what I took home from it was this powerful message: What are two things we HAVE to have in order to survive? Food & Love think about it, if you have a brand new precious baby you could give it all the nutrients in the world BUT if you did not HOLD and LOVE on that baby it would die. Humans need food to survive for nourishment but we also need love. Love and acceptance from those around us. Along the way I have found myself having thoughts about this specific topic. I have thought to myself if I could just feel like Quynn loved me for all of me regardless of how much I weigh then I could be me the way I am and eat whatever I wanted. I found myself resenting my husband. After the discussions with Dash and pondering on everything that was said last night I returned to Quynn and told him all of my thoughts. I have come to the realization I was resenting myself but blaming my husband. He DOES LOVE ME for all of me. He always has! I'm the one who doesn't Love me for me. I am the one who wasn't happy being the weight I was and feeling trapped and not knowing how to get out of me. I was lost in my own self, I was just trying to blame everyone and everything around me but wasn't taking my own accountability. I need to LOVE me! My goal is not about a number it's getting to the point where I can love me for all of me, weightloss is just a side effect. It's empowering and vulnerable to tell the world that. But this is MY journey!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Seven Week's a thang!

I have always heard of the dreaded seven year itch divorce rates are statistically high around this time in a marriage. For me and my past fad diets the seven week mark is usually about when I plateau and my weight becomes stagnant. So I bust my butt for another week ramping up my workouts doing double time just to watch the scale stay at a steady number. It's frustrating the devastation makes me question why am I even trying this hard? I usually slowly back down and walk away from yet another diet. Well I have hit my 7th week on the Dash program (remember I started early) and even though old habits are creeping into my mind, the thought of eating unhealthy and fattening foods seems appealing...I cannot give in! I won't give in! My mind is telling me it's time to divorce this program. But I won't! You know what keeps me going I steadily keep dropping weight and inches. I know numbers shouldn't matter because it should be about longevity and a healthier lifestyle and in the long run it is about that...but this week for me it's about the numbers it's about taking one day at a time and renewing my relationship with better foods. So those who can, eat a cookie for me and I will grab another salad with berries because I am on a date to fix my love for a healthier life! Cheers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Breaking the Chains to my WHY!

In honor of Dash 's "What's Your Why Wednesday" I feel it appropriate to share my Why with you today.
Those two girls are what make me excited about life! But most importantly they have taught me to love myself. My daughters look up to me, they copy every bad or good action, habit, or quirk that I have and do. They have taught me that body image isn't even a word in their pure and innocent minds. The best part of my mornings are I can look my worst and my daughter will still grab my face to tell me I look so pretty. Body image is created by outside influences that can destroy a girls self worth. I want my girls to know that they have the power to be whoever they want to be. I want them to know that they can achieve the impossible and break the chains of letting society define what beautiful is to them. I am choosing to break the chains of who I am because hearing that "these are my genetics, we are just bigger women" is an excuse and that stops today! My Lifestyle change is more than a number on a scale it's about being who I want to be and finding my own SELF WORTH!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Can Do Hard Things!

I officially started a version of Dash on my own January 1st. For the first time ever upon starting a diet I didn't want nor have my "final supper"(a binge of all things tasty, good, and fattening). I didn't need to, I didn't want to! I was determined to start the moment I uploaded my video to become a Team Dash All Star. I was tired of feeling like a gelatinous know the kind that squishes into any outfit because I will be damned if I have to buy the next size up. Yep I was tired of being that girl. So I started! Now in order for you to know dear reader just where the beginning started you must know that dreaded number, my weight, the weight that I felt defined who I was as a person. The weight that I felt controlled me. The weight that I have now learned is a miraculous number that has vanished and throughout these first weeks has faded into abiss. I weighed in at 220 pounds that's a lot of weight for a short girl! That weight also is what I ran my half marathon with. That's right, can you imagine how sore my body was after running 13.3 miles!! I conditioned and trained for 3 months with that weight and didn't lose one pound. That was my final breaking point something had to give and it had to be the weight. I started as a girl that made myself the punt of every fat joke so no one else could hurt me. I have learned in these few short weeks to be amazed at how strong I really am. What other 220 pound girl could run a half marathon?! That's right this girl! I know I can do hard things! I will continue to do hard things because I believe I can! As a side note my weigh in today was 207.6 I am doing this!

Friday, January 23, 2015

My Journey to a Healthier Happier Me.

It all started with a phone call. I was broken and beaten down, like a modgepodge of millions of pieces scattered around. Weight shouldn't define me but it did! In order to collect these pieces to build a masterpiece I needed to show my vulnerability a raw and true form of me. A phone call that began my journey was to my amazing aunt Susan. Sometimes I feel like we live parallel lives even though I was born a generation after her. We are kindred sisters and sometimes I don't even need to say anything before she understands me. I laid it all out to her every broken piece I had been feeling and torturing myself with. She didn't throw me a pity party or tell me it was ok, or even that she understood what I was going through. She did something better and more powerful she told me she believed in me. She knew the journey that I could start if I chose to wasn't going to be easy but she knew I was ready and gave me the tools to begin my journey (quite literally she bought me a quote that has become my theme for this year, and it hangs in my bathroom by my mirror where I can see and reflect on it daily!)